Case Studies

National Pollen Centre, University of Worcester

What are the benefits of art and science working together?

‘Talking to Jean made me realise that I went into science because of the visual pleasure. It made me realise scientists and artists are not that different.’ (Scientist team)

‘Anything that can break down the barrier between science and art is great. I told you we needed time to daydream, it’s when I get my best ideas.’ (Scientist team)

And I feel excited by what they have said. It’s a real breakthrough for me, it is first hand documentation that art has introduced a different perspective on ways of thinking. I am not claiming these scientists will go
away and make major scientific discoveries because of it, but it is a way of reinvigorating their thinking, maybe approaching things in a different way. Much in the same way as science has helped me to think about the world in a different way.

The key theme for me throughout this project has been the question of the benefits and indeed if there are any, of art and science working together. To a certain extent I feel this project has answered this question with a ‘yes’. However, what I have done so far is just the beginning. I want to prove that projects of this kind are not just short term but make a coherent, relevant sustainable art practice that can contribute to the movement in the area of cross discipline work.

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