Case Studies

Tolworth Infant School

Freedom to explore

We began our research project with the whole class at the local theatre in Tolworth – The Corner House Theatre. This set the tone of the project – it became about exploring space and large scale with the use of role play. This also gave us the opportunity to choose a focus group for following sessions. We chose children with a variety of different needs that we felt would benefit from taking part in the project.

This was the first time that both the school and the artist had been involved in the 5x5x5=creativity project. From the first session we realised that we were providing too much direction for the children and were finding it hard to ‘let go’ and fully let them follow their interests. The children were very keen and independent in following their own explorations – this became our research question.

As the project progressed, we provided less of a framework and we observed that this had a very positive impact on the children’s engagement and determination in their explorations.

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